“As the US moves into a society more globally cooperative than confrontational in keeping with the 21st Century, we remember that we can also learn from others.”
                                                                                                                                                                                     –  Mark Zuckerberg 

Our politicians let us down; we feel angry. Opportunities seem limited; we are angry. Some Presidential candidates tell us ‘America is not great’; some of us feel discouraged and fearful. How we see our America, and how we handle our anger will define us today, and for generations to come.

Yes, most of us are angry, but not all for the same reasons; some of us are angered and frustrated by Congressional obstructionism; some are angry at each other because of inequality of opportunity and prejudice. Some fear the changing color of the American majority, and manifest that fear in angry reaction.

Master manipulator and bully Donald Trump whips up his supporters’ anger, feeding their fear and prejudice and threatening riots in the streets if he does not win the GOP nomination; other people express fear of a Trump presidency. We will each decide whether to channel our anger and fear through mob chaos, or through peaceful productivity

Although we’re often discouraged and ashamed at the nature of politics today, but politics is only one side of the coin; the other side offers us tremendous pride, hope and optimism for America and our place in the world. The side of the coin less seen is our private sector’s leadership in innovation independent of government.

The global paradigm is quietly shifting from archaic domination, to 21st century global collaboration and cooperation, resulting in social improvement with its accompanying business opportunities – and America is at the forefront. Global innovation in technology, sustainable energy, education and transportation today is a vibrant field, often fertilized with open source technology.

It is important to remember that the days of America vs Everyone Else are long gone, despite Trump’s tired outdated approach which he calls America First. In today’s global marketplace in which we are all connected via the Internet, successful business people collaborate and cooperate with innovators globally, to level the playing field of opportunity.

Project leaders provide open source technology in order to work with technical and social leaders at home and in other countries, so that the expertise is enhanced by the sharing of information and ideas. We have moved from a Me to a We mentality. As we learn more about this paradigm shift, we see its implications as profoundly mind-boggling.

So, in America today, we are in the unique position of choosing between chaos and productivity; both will continue in society, because that is the nature of our human conglomerate. Our choice will affect our own microcosm, and future generations under our influence.

If we choose productivity, we must look for, recognize and promote the good of leaders in the private sector of the United States and around the world. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are two of numerous individuals whose firms, not only innovate, but make their technological discoveries open to the public; they open source their work, and invite global collaboration and cooperation in order to improve society, with resulting improvement of trade around the world. Is their work philanthropic or business-oriented? The answer is, both.

According to leadership expert Doug Conant, “During my decade as CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, we created the aspirational mission of ‘building the world’s most extraordinary food company by nourishing people’s lives everywhere, every day.’ Along the way, we launched several ambitious philanthropic initiatives.

“In 2010, we committed to cutting our environmental footprint in half by 2020. We announced a special partnership with the American Heart Association to address consumer concerns over heart health, particularly as it related to diet. In partnership with the Campbell Soup Foundation, we built a long-term program to directly address childhood obesity and hunger in communities where the company operated major facilities.

“I observed that the more we leveraged our business resources to deliver social value to the communities around us, the more engaged our employees became and the better we performed in the marketplace,” Conant continued.

At the forefront of this 21st Century approach to business philanthropy are:

Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla Energy, Tesla Motors, SolarCity).
‘We can power the entire United States from just a corner of Nevada or Utah,’ said Musk at the Sorbonne in Paris on Dec. 2, 2015. “…More power from the sun hits the Earth in a single hour than humanity uses in an entire year, yet solar only provided 0.39 percent of the energy used in the U.S. last year.

“…If solar is 20 percent efficient at turning solar energy into power, as it has been in lab tests, we’d only need to cover a land area about the size of Spain to power the entire Earth renewably in 2030”, he continued.

Musk went on to say, “The sun is a giant fusion explosion and it shows up every day. If we have photovoltaics, solar panels, we can capture that fusion energy. It also needs to be stored in a battery, so we can use it at night. Then we want to have high power lines to transfer solar energy from one place to another.”

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, Internet.org, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Oculus) with multiple global collaborations, including Germany.
“Berlin is a symbol of so much that I believe in: breaking down walls between people to make the world more open and connected”, said Zuckerberg.

“Now Germany's leadership and compassion in the refugee crisis has also become a symbol of what it means to build an inclusive global community, and has set an example for the world. As the U.S. moves into a society more globally cooperative than confrontational in keeping with the 21st C, we remember that we can also learn from others.” 

Facebook’s entire research program on artificial intelligence runs on sustainable energy, as do Elon Musk’s energy-related projects.

Other leading innovators are:
Linux, Free Software and Open Source
Samsung – uses Linux in its global open source program, including Samsung Electronics America.
Openstack offers open source cloud computing services, using Linux technology. Based in San Antonio, TX.

Anger and Hatred, or Peace and Light?

Today’s acrimonious political climate could easily spill over into our private lives, and now, with the added combustive threat of rioting at the GOP Convention, it’s essential for us to be mindful of what’s happening, and how we can maintain our own equilibrium by individually choosing how we deal with anger, and how we approach it collectively.

Generalized anger today is a given; the way it’s approached is more individualized. Here are some suggestions.

Change can be accomplished by us, one-by-one. Each of us has to examine our own thoughts and aspirations, and combine them with our own moral compass. In our private lives, positive productive people among us may find inspiration in St. Francis’ prayer, Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace, the words of which can apply universally, to people of all religious traditions.

Our choice is to see the glass as half-empty in which, feeling helpless, we grind our teeth and stir up chaos; or half-full in which we focus on positive production, and make that our legacy.

“I believe the only sustainable way to fight back against those who seek to divide us is to create a world where understanding and empathy can spread faster than hate, and where every single person in every country feels connected and cared for and loved. That's the world we can and must build together,” said Zuckerberg.

When we focus on the positive, both privately and publicly, we will begin to strengthen the healthy aspects of society in our collective minds, and the unhealthy aspects will begin to wither away.

Whichever way we go, to joining the anger crowd or the achiever crowd, is our choice; let us choose thoughtfully and well, remembering how it affects our tomorrow.

For more information, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Facebook, Tesla, SpaceX, Open Source, SolarCity, Virgin, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Energy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Berlin, Germany



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I think we will all be winners if we will always let kindness win. We should all stop complaining and start to do something in our own way to help our country. We should not tolerate all forms of hate. Justice can be served without being angry. I am praying that whoever wins will do what is right to help everyone.

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