"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

Robert Frost

As the politically religious war rages in Iraq, it's important to remember the realistic endgame. While Pres. Obama has committed a small force on the ground, backed by a show of military strength, he seems inclined to continue on the road to long-term diplomatic solutions rather than the 'bomb 'em and blast 'em' usual road of his opponents.

The 'just do something' attitude of opposing politicians who forget that their wars have created millions of veterans, many of whom are still not receiving care, contrasts with Pres. Obama's search for a longterm, workable vision of peaceful interaction based on cooperating with a widening base of our coalition.

As Pres. Obama said in his statement on June 19 re Iraq, 'it is not America's job to solve the world's problems, nor is it our place to tell any nation whom to elect.' (paraphrased)

Whereas in the past, we have jumped into crises alone with a bloody, dramatic flourish, times have changed; 21st Century solutions to conflict resolution are different from those of previous eras, indicative of the huge, paradigm shift evident in nearly every aspect of society today, Obama sees the road ahead through his vision of a longterm more peaceful and safer, more stable collaborative world rather than a 'satisfy the moment' one.

Recognizing that America no longer considers itself the world's policeman who meddles in the politics of other countries to push our own agenda, Obama says we will not interfere with Iraq's, Iran's or anyone else's politics. Prime Minister Malicki may realize that, this time, it won't be so easy to entice us to clean up after their exclusionary, divisive approach. We might advise them to unify, forget their differences and work cooperatively together; however, that solution seems unlikely.

In lieu of strong military force, economic initiatives and incentives are solid diplomatic tools which we can use to motivate Iraqis to work together.

Any country would be unwise to base human lives and national treasure on suppositions, 'they might', 'they'll probably', etc., as we did in starting the Iraq War, with today's intelligence-gathering capability - for which some complain bitterly - we can ferret out threats to our national security, and deal with them, as we have been doing.

Although Pres. Obama's approval ratings are currently as low as President Bush's were in their presidencies, the American people would be wise to recognize that Obama's moral strength, vision and leadership in this 21st Century era of peaceful collaboration and cooperation may very well preserve peace in and for the United States for us today, and for generations to come.



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07/02/2017 1:20am

We all know how much former President Obama tried to make this world a better place for all of us. We know how much he wanted to change the country for the better, and his administration will always leave a good mark in our minds. He isn't perfect, and his leadership had some flaws. But what made him remarkable is his dedication!

01/14/2017 2:56pm

I think that this materials should be enlarged. I'll wait for changes. Thank you for posting it here.

02/08/2017 11:23pm

Though Obama Administration has come to an end, we should never forget the efforts and dedication he have put for the country's welfare. He had flaws and mistakes, but I still believe he was successful and had been a good president of America. It's true that it's not America's problem to solve world's problems, but at least we all know how this country tries to help small countries with their problems!


This is a very deep and extensive topic for discussion, so it is worth devoting it to a few more poignant articles.

11/19/2017 2:13am

Obama did pathetic decisions, first of all he dragged US forces in needless wars like Iraq and Afghanistan where thousands of US soldiers casualties increased, expense on war also increased the debt ratio, this all was planted through 9/11 conspiracy and who did this we all know today.

12/16/2017 11:43am

Do you believe how secret societies have pushed US back and burden of debt increasing day by day, cost on wars is badly damaging us why we are fighting for senseless wars.

01/18/2018 1:37am

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